About nerdylorrin.net

nerdylorrin.net provides internet services for myself as well as friends and family. You’re welcome to take advantage of what’s here.

What’s in a name?

Someone had already snagged the domain names lorrin.org and lorrin.net so I had to make do as best I could! Hence nerdylorrin.net. Since then lorrin.org has become available. I now have a photo blog there and am keeping nerdylorrin.net focused on the services offered here and technical notes.

Nerdy Details

The server, carrot, runs Debian (“Sarge” release) Linux. The box is an Intel P4 with a simple RAID-1. Between you and carrot is an IPCop firewall. It’s an old AMD K6-III with 256 MiB named rhubarb.


This website started life on an AMD K6-2 laptop made by now-bankrupt Trogon. In 2004-02 I switched from SuSE to Debian, which (back then) was trickier to install but is much easier to maintain. In late 2004 the server moved to an AMD K6-III with 256 MiB of RAM and migrated from Debian Woody to Debian Sarge. Daily backups with BackupPC started in 2004-03. Mail service added 2004-07. I set up an IPCop firewall in 2004-08 (upgrading from a LinkSys router). The server moved to its current host, carrot, in 2004-10. The old K6-III, redubbed rhubarb, took on the firewall role in 2005-05 (replacing an older Pentium that had been thrown out at my old job). Webmail, Galleries, Blogs, and traffic analysis followed later in 2005. The RAID paid off in the end of 2005 when a harddisk failed. Coupled with simultaneous motherboard and power supply failures this lead to some downtime but no data loss.

More information about the software running on the server can be deduced by browsing through all my notes on the wiki.


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