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Want to set up a home page? Tina, Dad, Karen, and Janet already have web pages here. You’re welcome to join the crowd. First, decide if you want your page on my domain (http://www.nerdylorrin.net/your_name) or if you want your own domain name. I can handle the logistics of purchasing a domain name but it costs about $15/year. If you want a website:

  1. let me know what domain name you want
  2. pick a WebDAV password and tell me by phone or in person

Once everything’s set up you can access your files with WebDAV (see the WebDAV instructions on the Wiki).


Blogs are a lot easier to work with than creating your own web page from scratch. Karen and David, Sean and Rebekah, and Anne are blogging here. Nerdylorrin.net runs WordPress.


You’re also welcome to keep your photos in the gallery. Just register yourself, login and you’re good to go. To upload photos Mac users might want to check out iPhoto2Gallery and Windows XP users can use the built-in Publish to Web feature by clicking on the “Windows XP” tab on Gallery’s Add Items screen.

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