WebDAV: Mac OS X

OS X 10.4 Tiger and Above

  1. In the Finder menu: Go -> Connect to Server…
  2. Enter full URL (e.g. https://webdav.nerdylorrin.net:743/yoursite)
  3. Click Connect
    1. If you haven’t installed the nerdylorrin.net certificate authority’s certificate you’ll see the following security alert:finder_missing_cert.png
      In this case click Cancel and follow the SSL Certificate instructions to avoid this warning.
    2. Log in with username and password
    3. The WebDAV folder should appear like any other remote volume.

    Earlier Mac OS Versions

    Built-in support in the Finder for WebDAV with SSL is only available in Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and above. For earlier versions you can use the application Goliath to connect.

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