WebDAV: Windows

Connecting with Windows

  1. Open My Network Places, which should be on your Start Menu and/or your desktop.
  2. Select Add a Network Place. This may appear as a task in the sidebar or as an icon:
  3. Windows XP only: The “Add Network Place Wizard” should appear. Click Next, select “Choose another network location“, click Next again.
  4. Enter the WebDAV URL for your site (e.g. https://webdav.nerdylorrin.net:743/yoursite) and click OK
  5. If you haven’t installed the nerdylorrin.net certificate authority’s certificate you’ll see the following security alert:
    In this case follow the SSL Certificate instructions to prevent the warning.
  6. Log in with username and password
  7. Click Next/Finish.
  8. A shortcut will be permanently added to My Network Places and it will automatically be opened in an Explorer window.

A word of caution: Although the resulting Explorer window looks like a regular Explorer window it is actually quite limited. Use it strictly to drag files back and forth between the WebDAV and your local disk rather than attempting to edit in place.

Creating a Desktop Icon

Once you’ve connected a shortcut will be automatically added to My Network Places. This can be used to make a desktop shortcut.

  1. Open up My Network Places (either via Desktop icon or Control Panel)
  2. Drag username on webdav.nerdylorrin.net to the Desktop

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