The Tierney Family
at the
Funeral Reception for Judge James Francis Tierney
July 2009
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Family of Judge James F. Tierney, d. 3 May 2009 
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1. Evan, Lisa Baun's son, Jim's grandson
2. Lisa Baun, Gwen's daughter (married to Larry)
3. Kelly Thornton (Jim's great niece)
4. Jodie Carro (niece)
5. Kara Gerbino (great niece)
6. Chris McCarthy (nephew)
7. Kristen Grogan
8. Kerry Fortes (nephew)
9.  Coleen Fortes (niece)
10. Colin Siemer (nephew)
11. Pat Tierney Wilson (Gwen's daughter)
12. Susan Frederick, Gwen's daughter (married to Matt)
13. PFC  Ryan Fortes (great nephew)
14. Peggy Ann Bonnet (niece)
15.  Jeanne McConnell,  Gwen's daughter (married to Edward)
16.  Jim Tierney III,  Gwen's son
17.  Emily Arthur (Todd), daughter of Jeanne Tierney McConnell & Ed,
            Jim's granddaughter.  
18. Bud Siemer, Doris Tierney Siemer's husband, Jim's brother-in-law
19. Gwen Tierney, Jim's wife
20. Nicole Harker (great niece)
21. Joyce Bourgeau  (niece)
22. Lorraine Bagley, Jim's younger  sister
23. Robert  Bagley, Jim's brother-in-law
24. Doris Siemer, Jim's younger sister (the youngest was Joan, d. 1991)
25. Laurie Stanton (niece)

My thanks to Lisa Baun (#2 !!) for providing everyone's  name.  How many faces can  y-o-u  name?  
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Family of Judge James F. Tierney, d. 3 May 2009

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Gwen Tierney's mother, Jim Tierney & Gwen 1949   Jim Tierney courts Gwen
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Jim Tierney courts Gwen -- Germany, ca 1949.  
top/left:: Gwen's mother is on extreme left.  Gwen's father was in intelligence, so perhaps the man hiding his face behind the party decorations is her always-professional father.  (Lisa Baun, photos.)

James Tierney, mid-1950s
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(left) Jim with the German shepherd he brought back from Germany.  Successors to this dog were Chockie and Rebel.  Jim and Gwen were married in Arlington (26 December, 1953) shortly after their return from Germany and lived at this home (above)  in Falls Church in the mid-1950s.  When the Southridge Estates subdivision went up in McLean in 1959, they were among the first to move in.  (Thanks to Doris Siemer for the photo.)

miniature poodle, white   Bichon Frisé
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Buffy was calm for a poodle (left), but Bichon Frisés Lexy (Alexis) and Scottie (right) sometimes rev'd each other up, driving themselves (and us) crazy.   Keeps you young.  

Gwen and Jim Tierney, 1994
Gwen & Jim Tierney, Bethany Beach, 1994

Jim was buried in Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors. I have put my photos up to share with you (linked below),  and I welcome yours.   For the old, historic photos, my thanks again to Lisa Baun and Doris Siemer.   Wonderful neighbors.  

Robin & Jerry Nelson
McLean, VA

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