Why the global reactor fleet must go.
J. I. Nelson, June 2011
Tikkum Olam 30 Jun by SKYPE to Portland, OR
full paper: neutrons.notlong.com


GE BWR-5  boiling water reactor going in at Browns Ferry, Alabama, 1973.
The  ca. 1100 megaWatt unit is the same as Fukushima Unit 6.  
The photo shows the primary containment vessel with ca. 3 cm thick steel walls.
The smaller reactor pressure vessel goes inside and is not visible here.
The lid lying on the foreground is removed every 18 - 24 months to pull fuel rods out the top.


You can get through most of life
with a simple "Bohr model" of the atom (vintage ca. 1909).


An atom's "higher orbitals"  aren't just circular.
We can build molecules like Tinkertoys -- into into "chair" shapes, rings, fun.  


Nanotechnology in the biology lab:  a muscle contracts.





 The largest particle detector at the world's largest particle accelerator.
This underground cavern is large enough to hold the Notre Dame Cathedral.


The United States Superconducting Supercollider.  
It's OK to decide not to build it (1993), but something is wrong if you spend $2 billion first.
The world's most expensive hole in the ground is in Texas
World leadership in physics passed to Europe.

In April, 2011, NASA cancelled American participation in LISA,
an innovative "Laser Interferometer Space Antenna" for detecting gravity waves
from the most violent events in the cosmos.


If the United States invented the Internet,
why aren't we even in the top ten nations for access to it?
It takes a structural failure in society to achieve such a (de)feat.  

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