Some tables and rates for international first-class packages.
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27 January 2013 rate increases more than doubled some prices. 
26 Jan2014  - no change.
31May2015 -
modest increases
31May2015 rates follow. 

          Small Pkgs Int'l 31May 2015 

This ends the Intl. Small Pkg rate data as of 31May2015.  

17Jan2016 -  First-Class Package International Service changed greatly.

During the ten years from 2006-2015 inclusive,  when international package shipping costs are climbing steeply, package volumes (domestic and international volumes,  including the First-Class Package International Service reviewed here, plus
Priority boxes and envelopes) increased 36% while first class revenues decreased 36%.  (I do not know if First Class Packages were counted in both statistics.)    International volumes/revenues are not broken out, so comparing competitive success against UPS vs DHL is impossible.  We can only be sure that, just as email, messaging, Whatsap kill first class letter volumes, so Internet commerce will carry package delivery to new heights.  Most recent changes to international package delivery may be viewed as a combination of underpricing the service for large corporations (eBay) and large exporters (China), while making the service unnecessary complex, unavailable on-line, and too expensive for non-corporate customers known as US citizens. 

International First Class Small Packages, 17Jan2016  

On 10April2016, the Postal regulatory Commission ended the 2-year "exigent surcharge" of 2014, and prices were widely rolled back, but often to values never seen before. 
First Class International Small Package Service rates did change.

Since 17 January 2016, first-class international small package rates vary in 9 zones; zones 3-5 are no longer identical, and zones 6-9 are not identical. 
Since no trend may be discerned across zones, there is no reason to have them.  Up to and including 3 lbs, all zones except #8 could be combined into a single zone with no rate variation greater than $2.  A slight scatter of less than two dollars does not justify the zones that cause it.  Far more money is lost by failure to obtain compensation from China Post for eBay traffic than by zoning errors. 

Rev 19Sept2016