McLean's First Classes: 1957, '58, '59, '60
Reunion of 2005
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The Football Guys

You get some idea of the lovely interior space of "The Grand Atrium", which hosted McLean's multi-year (1957-1960) reunion, Fall of 2005.  Perry Fletcher '57 and Lucy  have created the venue on Gallows Road,  and have often donated it to McLean High's earliest graduating classes for their reunions.  

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Judy Sorber, Fay Brumback, and Carol  Raines

Fay has organized many of the Class of '60 reunions, slaved over the address directory, pleaded with classmates to get email addresses.

Carolyn Raines '60
30 August 1942 - 1 March 2006

Julie Johnstone and Jeanie Ivans      Molly Riggs and Jeannie Ivins on school bus home   
(left) Julie Johnstone & Jeanie Ivins 2005;
(right) Molly Riggs and Jeanie Ivins on the school bus home, 1959.
(If the photos aren't side-by-side, grab the mouse and drag your browser window wider to make room.)

Class of 59 out in force    
Class of '59 out in force at John Dowd's house -- click to enlarge.

Photo by Pam Johnstone, who knows all the names.

Emily Horne Lengenfelder '59 & Jerry Nelson '60   Jerry Nelson '60
Emily Horne Lengenfelder '59; Jerry Nelson '60.  Click to enlarge.

(left) Your former Editor-in-Chief reunited with her staff photographer. (right) Your current Webmaster.
Thanks to Pam Johnstone Hitt  '59 for the photos -- send me yours!! 

Olney Park looking twds Pimmit Hills    
Olney Park, looking towards Pimmit Hills.

For many reunions Monte Snyder (and Donald G. Vanness)  '58 and co-conspirators Jo Stoddard Pifer '57, Betsy Trice Needham '59, and Clyde Clark '60 have provided a home for all  four of McLean High's earliest classes.  Monte and "Donny"  threw open the doors of their house, but mostly they threw  everyone out of the house into the backyard and the park beyond -- Olney Park.  Blow the picture up -- their house is to the left of the house hung out with red, white and blue bunting.  At the photographer's back  is the park's  picnic pavilion, open-sided with plenty of benches and tables under cover, and counters in the center groaning under more food than twice the crowd could eat.  

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