SPAC Meets Again !!
Our kick-off meeting 3Jun06, McCabe Library, Swarthmore College

This is a public Web page that serves mostly alumni of Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania.

SPAC Meets Again!  
The Swarthmore Political Action Club was active in the '60s at Swarthmore College.  SPAC was fun, SPAC was educational, SPAC was the first place many of heard of a country called Viet Nam.  At the 40th Reunion of the Class of 1966, SPAC met again to consider problems facing the country today.  Here is a photo album of the meeting.  Please send name fixes and any corrections to jerry-VA at removethistext

Carl Stieren & Alan Shorb    Elsa Dixler

Carl Stieren '66  , Alan Shorb '60  under a portrait of Bruce Cratsley.  Alan, did you bike clear across the USA?  Is this you?      Right: Elsa Dixler '66  Elsa did not participate in the meeting, but we were glad to have her as an observer.

Frank Cochran, Rachel Folsom     Judy Petson and Frank Cochran

Frank Cochran '66 always calm, and Rachel Folsom '66.  The initial impetus for the meeting came from Rachel. Right: Judy Petsonk '66 and Frank.  

Liz Probasco    Howard Kutchai

Liz Probasco Kutchai '66 and Howard (right).  Don't know name of Mom in rear....
It is many decades now that I have seen the steady social sensibleness of Quakers like Liz.  One hopes the Quaker-founded College remains Quaker-grounded.  

Nancy Axelrod, Debra Bell    Robert Levering and Robert W. Brooks     

Nancy Axelrod '66 and Debra Bell (with Robert W. Brooks '96).  Right: Robert Wm Brooks '96 sitting behind Robert Levering '66.  Nancy's professional bio:

Pat Kenschaft, Pat Weaver + Gracelyn  Sarah Van Keuren & Cathy Wilkerson

The indomitable Pat Kenschaft '61, Patrick C '77. and Gracelyn G. Weaver.  Right: Sarah Van Keuren '66 and Cathy Wilkerson '66.

Pat Kenschaft has a home page  which trundles along with no photos past her 320 weekly hour-long radio interview shows on math and education (remember, she said she was interested in "math and eduction"?) and past her books without links to buy them, a case of old-fashioned modesty I shall now  fix:
Math Power : How to Help Your Child Love Math, Even if You Don't, Revised Edition
Math Power : How to Help Your Child Love Math, Even if You Don't, Revised Edition by Patricia Clark Kenschaft

Change Is Possible: Stories of Women and Minorities in Mathematics
Change Is Possible: Stories of Women and Minorities in Mathematics by Patricia Clark Kenschaft

Environmental Mathematics in the Classroom (Classroom Resource Material)
Environmental Mathematics in the Classroom (Classroom Resource Material) by B. A. Fusaro and P. C. Kenschaft

Pat has applied math to teaching diversity and to teaching environmental responsibility.  She is chair of the Committee on Mathematics and the Environment of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
.  In 2003 Pat  was chair of the Equity and Diversity Task Force of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Robin & I garden avidly.  I assure you the following is worth reading if you have access to a sunny patch of dirt anywhere:   I quit, I'm stopping here, you can read it, the feelings of anxious inadequacy I sometimes get hit with at Swarthmore aren't what I intended to share here.

Steven Schwartz    Walter Popper

Steven Allan Schwartz '77 -- Steven, I blurred it, send me another photo.  Right: Walter Popper '66.

Steven Schwartz

Well, uh, found this on the Web, Steven, it's not blurry, thanks.  

Jerry Nelson 

"It's my country too"
Get an American Flag and wear it.
It's your country too.

Jerry Nelson '67 (stock photo, Nov05).  I am your Web master and the one who goaded Rachel into doing "SPAC Meets Again!" when she first suggested it.  

Parrish Hall, Swarthmore College, Central Staircase
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The technology and functions of the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping program is explained -- something the Bush administration has steadfastly refused to do. This necessarily conjectural but broadly accurate white paper is logical enough to be understood by anyone, regardless of technical background.    

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