Wall Street Analysts who  Cover eBay & Rate their Stock

Here's a list of addresses if you want to send an e-mail about eBay guaranteed to get attention.  

Be positive.  Make the company better.

Be factual.  Tell them what happened.  The explosion in listings from one seller was suspicions and could have been detected.  Why can't eBay run the same fraud detection software that every credit card company in the country uses?

There is no real "community" in eBay, because  eBay freezes feedback, throttles the messaging service among victims, and keeps fraud unsearchable and hidden.   There are a lot of burned customers out there like us.  Our disenchantment is a hang-over for the company.  If we every find a way to make our voice heard, it will not be good news for the company.  

More facts about eBay security below -- 2,000 employees working on "trust and safety", they say.  

Bear, Sterns & Co.
Robert S. Peck, CFA

Victor B. Anthony

Kunal Madhukar, CFA

Lilian Y. Zhou

Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
Mark Mahaney

Credit Suisse First Boston
Heath P. Terry, CFA

Andrew Thomas

Deutsche Bank Company Research
Jeetil Patel, Research Analyst

Herman Leung, Research Associate

Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co., Inc.
Shawn Milne

Jefferies & Company, Inc.
Youssef H. Squali

Hagit Reindel

Naved Khan

You might tell them you don't agree that Ebay is "lowering transaction losses through sophisticated fraud prevention algorithms."

J. P. Morgan Chase & Co.
Imran Khan

Dana Maynard Gray

Joseph Okleberry

Derrick Nueman

You are not happy to hear that it is common knowledge that " eBay does not make it a practice to police its own website."   It's not good for eBay to brown off hundreds of customers at a time, many of them making their  first purchases on eBay.  
Prudential Equity Group, LLC

Mark J. Rowen

Aimee Landwehr
Anne S. Wickland

Stifel, Nicolaus & Company
Scott W. Devitt
Marla A. Block
Scott and Marla think eBay should be treated as a landlord of their Website.  Most complainers should deal with the merchant who cheated them, not with eBay. Sure.  But these analysts apparently need to be told this is impossible after he skips town and eBay leaves you with a dead phone number and a meaningless address.

Yes, we know that, of the 1.9+ billion listings on eBay in 2005, only a fraction of 1% are fraudulent in nature.  But has it happened to you?  The transactions that fail are a hardship and expensive for everyone to fix.  Expensive of time, expensive of effort, and expensive of money lost.  

Susquehanna Financial group, LLLP
Marianne Wolk

Roxane Previty

Malindi Davies

UBS Securities LLC 
Benjamin A. Schachter, Analyst


Ebay claims to employ over 1,000 people to combat fraud, although many of them handle minor, endless credit card chargeback disputes.

Ebay says trust and safety between buyers and sellers is their high concern, and they have 2,000 employees working on trust and safety "initiatives".  Don't worry about fraudulent auctions, they say,  because eBay is keeping everything under control with the PayPal Buyer Protection Program, the eBay Standard Purchase Protection Program, and eBay's dispute resolution processes.

Ebay tells investors to purchase their stock because "PayPal's technology provides superior privacy and fraud protection."  Further, "sophisticated fraud prevention algorithms" lower the number of transactions that fail. 

In fact, it is common knowledge that eBay does not make it a practice to police its own website.

Ebay has an enormous volume of data concerning both good and bad transactions that the company has collected.  It is a pity that whatever technology they have developed to use all this data has not done a  good job of fraud detection for you and me.  

Ebay would like to hear your suggestions for better security so that they can compete against Google's new & evolving Checkout  service.  They think PayPal already has a strong record for fraud prevention.  You beg to differ after what we have all been through!

One year at eBay (2005):

$4.5 billion in sales  
$1 billion in profits
1.9 billion listings

Ebay does not reveal the percentage of auctions that end in fraud or dispute.  Ebay is proud that their annual transaction loss rate hovers around 0.3% -- typical for the industry.  However, this is chiefly  the value of compensation paid out and does not represent the value of the sales that failed for buyers and sellers.   0.3% of $4.5 billion is about $14 million in money and a lot more in effort that could be expended on computer systems for detecting scammers before they strike buyers.  Detecting bad credit cards for sellers before they are used is not the only problem here.  

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