First Floor is full!
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HOUSE PARTY at Eliza's place, Washington DC

How many volunteers can your house hold?
Well, the first 11 are pretty easy to count, but what about the mirror over the couch?  Isn't  that another person on the phone and more still coming in the door?  That's Tim on the couch, very right.  

In the kitchen             Overflow to the porch! 
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Phoning in the kitchen.   Laura, Adam and Dave overflow onto  the porch.  

What if the whole ground floor fills up?  Then what?  
Silly question !!  Where do those stairs go?    

ThruMainStairway        ThruDoorUpstairsHall      NSFinChair 
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Send me your names & I'll post them. That's Alan lounging in the upholstered chair.
 I came down from McLean, VA. You?

ThruDoorUpAtticStair      MorePhoneSheets-BenFromMoveOnPitchesIn   
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That's it, we've got volunteers going up to the attic steps (Barbara, left).  This must be an attendance record.  Many people have done 32 calls already and need a sheet of 16 more.  (right : )  Eileen and Toby dog look on as hostess Eliza (standing, right) runs into laptop printer problems.  Ben (in blue) from the MoveOn mothership is here.  Flip open your laptop and you're on the home's Wi-Fi network (LAN).  We log onto Eliza's personal hostess page for today's party, reconfigure the printer and away we go -- more phone sheets.

Finally the house begins to empty.  Eileen and Toby (right) settle in downstairs while Kurt finishes the last call sheet.   Some of us discover the cinnamon apple cake and pumpkin pie just past the kitchen.  It was hardly two hours' work, but I'm famished and it's delicious.

Eliza says she'll host again on election day and tells everyone to look for her party on and come back again!  She writes the next day to say we did about 1,300 calls.  

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