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1. FLAT RATE ENVELOPE (regular, legal-sized, padded)  & SMALL BOX
10April2016        Envelope and box are now priced differently, as complexity and cost of serving customers rises and usability and market success fall.
                              env $23.95
                              box $24.95
17 Jan2016 - no rate increase.
31May2015        $21.95
26Jan2014         $20.55

27Jan2013        $19.95,     up $7 from 2012 $12.95, a 54% rate increase in 2013 
22Jan2012        $12.95

ROW   (Rest Of World) 
10April2016         Rest of World abolished, replaced by multiple, incompatible zonal systems, 17 zones here, 9 for int'l flats; see below.
31May2015         $26.50
26Jan2014          $24.75
27Jan2013          $23.95,     up $7 from 2012 16.95, a 41% increase in 2013. 
22Jan 2012         $16.95      up $3.70 from 2011 $!3.25, +28%.
17Apr2011          $13.25     

10April2016        $45.95
17 Jan2016 - no rate increase; free insurance increased to $200

31May2015        $45.25
26Jan2014         $42.25
27Jan2013        $40.95,     up $ 8 from 2012 $32.95, a 24% increase in 2013.  
22Jan2012        $32.95      up $6.40 from 2011 26.55, +24%.

17Apr2011         $26.55

10April2016       Rest of World abolished, replaced by multiple, incompatible zonal systems, 17 zones here, 9 for int'l flats; see below.
31May2015       $66.25      
26Jan2014        $61.75       up $2.20
27Jan2013        $59.95,     up $12 from 2012 $47.95, a 25% increase.
22Jan2012        $47.95

10April2016           $59.95
7 Jan2016 - no rate increase; free insurance increased to $200
31May2015            $59.75
26Jan2014             $55.75
27Jan2013            $53.95,     up $14 from 2012 $39.95, a 35% increase.
22Jan2012            $39.95
10April2016         Rest of World abolished, replaced by multiple, incompatible zonal systems, 17 zones here, 9 for int'l flats; see below.
31May2015       $86.25       
26Jan2014        $80.50
27Jan2013        $77.95,     up $17 from 2012 $60.95, a 28% increase.

22Jan2012         $60.95

On 17 January 2016, for international priority mail,  the insurance level rose to $200 for medium and large flat rate boxes but there were no rate changes.


On 10 April 2016, for Priority Mail International flat rate boxes and envelopes,
the ROW (Rest of World) category was abolished and replaced by 17 zones: Canada, Mexico, and numeric zones 3 through 10, plus an individual country list (11-17) of Great Britain (UK would be a better column heading: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland),  Japan, France, China, Brazil, Germany and The Netherlands.  This  zonal system is incompatible with the zones used for International Packages (the ones with a 4 lb maximum).  Thus a country will move to another zone if you try to price another service for it. Another way of saying this is that I cannot give you a wall chart of the world's countries and their zones -- the United States' postal service has abandoned any map of the world and instead creates its own worlds, a different one for each different service.

One impetus for this complexification of postal zones is the increasing isolation of the United States as the only major nation still trying to deny the global coming of the metric system (Liberia and Myanmar/Burma are the other holdouts).  Our maximum international weight of 70 lbs is an annoyance to other countries that regulate and run on a 30 kg (66 lb) maximum.  Not every country is willing to humor us as Germany still does.  Germany permits the 70lb boxes.  Having separate "zones" for individual countries like Japan, China, Brazil and European Union members Great Britain, France, and The Netherlands is one way to force customers to accept a 66 pound limit when our nation will not accept the metric system.  Compared to countries like Australia that converted -- public road signs, supermarkets and all -- in the 1970s, our society is dysfunctional.  
A simple web chart showing anyone what it costs to export anything via the mail system is impossible.  It is hard to help you.
Those of you still trying to run a small business might find it faster than cycling through the postal system's online calculators to use the country list we've got to get  the "zone B" of the countries you need in the Priority column of the country list, and then use the Priorityi Mail table I give.  You've solved the problem of whether your price is in column 2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8 -- those are the zone B's, and the number one zone is Canada and we already know what that costs.  I'm not bothering with Priority Expre$$.

Let's start accumulating these 2,3,4,5,6,7,8-column flat rate tables for price history.

International Priority flat rate boxes table - 8 columns on 2016 April 10
The search engine instructions will retrieve historic prices too, in the form of 70 page Domestic Mail Manuals for past years.   Within these "Price List"  "Notices" you can search for the "Retail" service you want.


On 27Jan2013, these prices are up 24%, 35%, 41%, more.
These postage costs are rising more than ten times the average 2% rate of inflation (2009-2012).   With the US Postal Service wants to take your money, they take whatever they want.  When the government is obligated to give you Social Security money, suddenly they can't make the Cost of Living Adjustment.  How are cost of living adjustments doing elsewhere?  Penalties frozen into the law for white collar crime have no COLA (Cost of Living Adjustments) at all, and gradually disappear --fines become as small as a "rounding error" for large corporations.

Economists in the academic world pursue their careers but seem to be doing little to serve their country. 

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