McLean '60
Carolyn Raines  photo: Hunter Lindsay

"Family: 4 children, 5 grand-children, 1 great-grandchild.  Career: Accounting, Executive Secretary, Office Manager. Professional Dancer, Realtor, DJ and karaoke.  Lead singer for a band for 10 years.  Residential Counselor for County of Loudoun.  Hobbies:
Horseback  riding, knitting, crocheting, reading, sewing, and of course, kite flying (I'm still young at heart).  Interest: Advocating for autism and finding the key to unlock it! "

It is hard to imagine cramming more into either the small biographical form Fay  Eakin Brumback sends out to all of us, or into a lifetime.  Carolyn died on Wednesday, 1 March 2006.  And so there is one more reason to come to a reunion, to bring a friend, to re-discover those who made the journey with you, along paths parallel yet intertwined with your own.  In the end, it  is one reason of somewhat more importance and finality than the others.
--jerry nelson
Thursday 2Mar06

Death notice is WashPost 3Mar06

The Hall Funeral Home
140 South Nursery Ave
Purcellville, VA 20132

The Hospices of the National Capital Region is now Capital Hospice.
9300 Lee Highway
Suite 200
Fairfax, VA 22031
703.383.9222 Office
888.583.1900 Toll-free

Carolyn worked with CEO Bill Haney for ECHO "Every Citizen Has  Opportunities" Inc.   ECHO Inc. provides employment opportunities and services to adults with severe disabilities in Leesburg.
Friends & family have said "Yes" to the Washington Post's offer to start a Website service  where you may add your own condolences.    The Washington Post published the obituary, then offered the service.  It is a commercial operation run by  Paying $30 to keep the site up a year ("sponsoring the site", as the company puts it) would be a nice gift from the class or a classmate.  I can archive the messages here after that.  In the meantime, I added Hunter's photo to the guest book.

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