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70 years ago, before the first reactor was built, we chose a reactor design optimized to produce radioactive waste because,  in the hot isotopes that poured out of the atomic "piles" were new  isotopes of plutonium, needed for the Nagasaki A-bomb and the 60,000 warheads which followed.   Now civic society wants to get electric power from these reactors, not plutonium and all its radioactive relatives that make the spent fuel unusable ever again, and impossible to store. 

It is time for this industry to turn the page. The entire nuclear reactor fleet must go. Scrap them all.  Start over.  It is the wrong technology. 

NOTE: This is a tough article. It reviews a lot of biology, physics and nuclear power technology.  If it gives you a headache, take 2 aspirin, go to sleep and try again in the morning.  Why should you learn this?  Because they will lie to you now, they will lie to you tomorrow, and, after the meltdown, they will tell you everything is safe.  This is the best I could do to help you protect yourself.  You know the author.  Just write him.  Write to
jerry-va atremovethistext speakeasy dot net with your own ideas for simpler conclusions that the text should make.  

    Jerry Nelson holds a doctorate in psychology, so he's not an "expert" on any of these, but he clearly is smart and has studied them deeply, and he writes with flare.  He acknowledges at the beginning that the essay is hard going and recommends keeping an aspirin nearby.  My antidote was to stretch out the reading over many days; there is just so much of this I can stomach at once.  His whimsical style helps - greatly.
    His concluding sentiments are why you might consider reading this provocative, very informative essay.  "We are - you, me, all of us - members of the most technologically advanced civilization in history.  We must either understand the technology or lose the civilization."
--Pat Kenschaft,  29July2011
Montclair State University Dept. Mathematics (retired)

  • Suggestions for Getting old people online
  • Boeing scandal 2006  -- the airplane parts don't fit, the FAA says it doesn't matter.
  • F2C -- Freedom to Connect - the Internet idealists at this annual WashDC meeting are living in dreamland until they can face the force of government surveillance.
  •  "Why We Fight", Eugene Jarecki's documentary film, 2006.   With so many talking heads, I had to make this crib sheet of mug shots and little "who the heck is that" bio sketches.   Good flick.
  • Noam Chomsky's "Hegemony, or Survival?"     -- the best quotes and quips on Amazon from people who actually read the book. 
  • SLAMMER worm 2003 -- Cars are recalled, but software companies have no liability for damaging their customers and undermining our national security.  SLAMMER was a warning, but the world saw we lacked the political will to change.  In late 2009, China attacked.   It will get worse.
  • eBay fraud  --  "community" on eBay? Stifled.  No way to warn others of danger.  Customers are sheep, easy to herd. 
  • eBay fraud -- I can take this fake USB thumb drive from China apart, but a multi-billion-dollar giant can't be bothered.  Keep selling!! 
  • The Financial Crisis 2008 -- From mortgages  to credit swaps, you can understand this.
  • The Financial Crisis 2010 -- Trillions in printed money, nothing fixed.  Why?

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