eBay Fraud Victims
jerry-va, McLean, VA

NEWS: 27Jun06 a victim in LA gone to the scammer's neighborhood and is filing a report with the local police. Once we have a case number and a police department address, each of us can document our loss and add our documentation to that case.  Losses involving more people and more money get more attention.


I'm jerry-va and I've put up this Website to help a bunch of us who  were defrauded by the same eBay seller.  Customer service or support from eBay seems unlikely.  But we can work more effectively if we work together.  ACTION:   If you are a buyer recently defrauded on eBay, please send your contact information to me,
jerry-va at speakeasy removethistext dot net  

 We were hit in mid-June 2006.   The negative feedback for fraudulent seller auction_price_for_you appeared suddenly after he had our money, killed his phone and left.

Check out  the negative feedback so far.  

When he was ready to spring the trap, tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was offered for sale, some of it in "BUY-IT-NOW" auctions that each offered  multiples of the same item for sale at once.  

Please write to other probable victims on the list of fraudulent sales and forward their emails to me. Write to the other people on your sale or who bought the same thing you did (divides up the work; avoids duplicate effort).   I  will create a community for us via a mailing list or forum.  Here's the problem:

We all have to pitch in contacting each other because eBay stops everyone of us from writing to more than ten other eBay members.  So we have to get off their messaging system and onto real email addresses.  

Send a letter requesting your  money back, certified mail, return receipt requested.  This will cost you $4.64, but you must prove to eBay that you tried to get your money back and failed, not just that you paid but goods were never delivered.  Second, copies of this letter and the check/money order you used to pay can be filed with the Los Angeles police once we have a case number.  Act now, keep copies.  Letter to:
Imaging Art Inc.
5429 Russell Ave  #29
Hollywood, CA 90027
818/536-4602  (dead -- phone rings thru to voice mailbox that is full)
eBay auction_price_for_you

If you have filed reports with eBay, tell me what you think other victims should do so I can share it.

Try to call eBay, but read this first.     If you call eBay, please share your experiences with me.    The rest of us want to hear what happened, what hoops we are supposed to jump through, what you think we should do.  

            1 800 717 3229

Understand what we are up against with eBay -- the Web is full of horror stories from both buyers and sellers.  A trip to any news site to search on "ebay fraud" yields many headlines:

    MSNBC  "EBay’s tough talk on fraud doesn’t withstand scrutiny " , 979 others
    CNN.com " Man arrested in huge eBay fraud.
            Buyers criticize auction site's seller verification service "
            and over 34 more page of headlines

Use alternatives, give up on eBay.  Many victims I found on the Internet gave up in frustration trying to deal with eBay and just urged readers to vote with their feet.  Their comments and more suggestions for eBay alternatives are here.  These are the best ones:

Ebay's magic is that they permit individuals in homes across the country to get together and sell things to one another as if they lived on the same block.  Most of the customers are small.  eBay has $4,500,000,000 in annual sales.  Profits in 2005 were  $1,082,000,000
We were defrauded because their system is far from perfect.  May we have a list  of everyone defrauded by eBay seller "auction_price_for_you"?  Can we speak to a human customer care representative?  Can we  get an email that is not machine-generated by Customer Relationship Management software from SiebelSystems or Kana?  Why did you persuade buyers  to withdraw their negative feedback instead of investigating the fraudulent seller and shutting him down?   Did you really think think the perpetrator "auction_price_for_you" had suddenly obtained a warehouse and trailor loads of consumer gear when you let him spring his trap and list a ton of items at once?  

eBay had the choice as a multi-billion dollar corporation with mostly small customers to be a good corporate citizen, or  take advantage of their customers -- the  people who gave them their success.   We will have to judge for ourselves how they have chosen.  

--jerry-va, your Webmaster

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