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EDITOR'S NOTE:  Windley is a magician with a comic approach. 

Once something went wrong with a trick, and the audience caught on. Windley just shrugged and said, "That’s what happens when you take magic under the GI Bill." The laughter convinced him to aim for humor as well as mystery. Windley has performed in clubs across the country and in Canada. "In fact," he says, "I once performed before the President of the United States ... at least I think I did. After a recent show in Georgia, a fellow came backstage and said, 'If you're a magician, then I'm President Carter.' "

 Here is some of Windley's comedy.

One magician was bragging to another how his wife had kept a level head during a fire: "I always told her that if a catastrophe struck while I was away, she should get the baby out of the house and then if she had the time get the magic props out."  The other magician said: "The baby first?"

I used to have an assistant who was so skinny that when she stuck her tongue out, she looked like a zipper. She never went to the movies because she couldn't keep the seat down. She was my big act; she'd turn sideways and disappear.

I once explained to my wife that I was married to the theater. She said I should sue for non-support. 

These daytime quiz shows are really getting out of hand. I saw one where they give you the question and the answer and you have to guess who sent it in.

Windley to a new agent: "I studied with all the greats. Here's a rare photograph taken of me with Harry Houdini."
Agent: "I see you all right, but where's Houdini?"
Windley: "How do you like that he escaped again!"
- - - - -

Charles E. Windley graduated from McLean High School in 1960, having already performed professionally in New York City in 1958 at age 16.  With thanks to Pam Johnstone Hitt, McLean HS 1961, whose research makes everything pop up again as fast as magicians can disappear them.

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