Florence Laikind Nelson -- Drawings
J. I. Nelson, 2008
Unmounted, mostly 24 x 18".
There are errors of proportion in these student drawings, but it's fun to look beyond them and see what the artist saw.  Charcoal  in hand, Mom actually could decide, and put lines on paper that could not be erased or painted over later.

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  Florence Nelson -Drawings - Young lady in halter top, blue paper 24x18in  
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 Young Woman in Top & Shorts  (blue paper, 24x18 in., Conte crayon )

Florence Nelson -Drawings - Bikini Underware 24x18in  
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 Woman in Underwear (24x18 in., red Conte crayon)


Florence Nelson -Drawings - Buxom Woman Stiffly Seated - 24x18in     Florence Nelson -Drawings - LadyFromAbove -18x24-24x18in   
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Buxom Woman Stiffly Seated  (24x18in)
Woman from Above   (24x18 in)

Florence Nelson -Drawings - LadyInWickerChair-24x19-ConteCrayonWYlw      Florence Nelson -Drawings - RecliningWomanWithSmallHead - 24x18in    
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 Woman in Wicker Chair (24x19 in., -Conte crayon with yellow)
Reclining Woman with Small Head
(Remember, your hand is as big as your face.)

Florence Nelson -Drawings - Seated Lady - Pink Paper - Conte crayon with yellow     
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Seated Woman - pink paper (Conte crayon with yellow)

Florence Nelson -Drawings - Young Man Alert Portrait CLOSEUP - 10x8 in     
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Young Man Alert - Portrait (10x8 in)  Spoken for - Conny & Hans, Germany.

 My mother painted many figures -- a family having fun at the pool, people in a museum, groups of women touring and tramping in exotic places, women looking glamorous.  The direct gaze and resolved individuality of this portrait are atypical for her.  

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