Florence Laikind Nelson -- Paintings
Rooms and Swirls
J. I. Nelson, 2008
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Paintings date from the early 1990s.

Cubed doors to balcony 14x22 in  

Cubed Doors to Balcony  (14x22 in; discarded)

Florence Nelson - Paintings - People In Museum
 People In Museum  ca 18x26 in.

Given to Betty Ustun by Lydia afer Florence's death, perhaps to be hung in the Docents' Office of the Hirshhorn Museum.  

Florence Nelson - paintings: 6 Figures on Portico Overlooking Mountains 14x18ins
 Portico with 6 Figures overlooking Mountains, 14 x18 in
Spoken for. 

Florence Nelson paintings - Lady at white dresser in pink room  
Lady at white dresser in pink room.  16 x 20 in.
Spoken for.

Florence Nelson paintings - 3 Dancers Swirl - Purple Border (22 x 28 in)    

Three Dancers Swirl, with Purple Border (22x28 in)
Taken by Tina & Lorrin.  

Florence Nelsno paintings - 3 Dancers Swirl Capes -- Orange & Yellow. (20x16 in)

Three Dancers Swirl Capes (Orange & Yellow)   20x16 in.
Spoken for. 

Florence Nelson paintings - Swirl Red + Blue --23x27 in  

 Swirl Red & Blue  (23x27 in)

Florence Nelson paintings - The Surfer's Pipe (11x14 in)  

The Surfer's Pipe   (11x14 in; discarded)

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