Jackie Freedman artwork "Greeting" (2000)  "Greetings 2000" card to friends (14  x 4 1/2 in, 2000)

New York
(20 October 1925 -           )
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These are artworks or photos of artworks given by Jackie to my mother, Florence Laikind Nelson.  It is not a representative portfolio and this is not an official or sanctioned site.     

Jacqueline Freedman's painting Zigs    Jackie Freedman's painings - Quadrants  
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Lacking official titles, we will identify these as (left)  Zigs and (right) as Quadrants.        

Jackie Freedman painting, "Art from Art Forum" ca 1980
"Artwork from Art Forum",  
acrylic paint on Artforum Magazine, 10 1/2 x 21 in, 1980

Jackie was one of the drivers behind the 1980's emergence of painted books and other small repainted objects on the art scene.  She did at least two painted-over Art Forum magazines -- doubtless that magazine's most direct support of the arts ever.  Both were done in 1980, and one was chosen by the Center for Book Arts for a 1984 exhibit at The New York Public Library.

Jacqueline Freedman's painting - Blue Arcs  Jackie Freedman's painings - Busy  
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        (left) Blue Arcs.   (right)  Busy (my titles).

Jacqueline Freedman's painting -- Divided Spaces   
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"Divided Spaces"  (ca 1984)

Jacqueline Freedman's pastels - 6 Squares    
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6 Squares.      (6 1/4H x 10 3/4W, pastel, 1981; taken by Robin & Jerry Nelson)

Jackie Freedman photo collage        Jackie Freedman art - Elevated Subway Exit  

(left) Dual city facades on river  (about 10 in high; taken by Lydia Nelson).
(right) Elevated subway exit booth (about  8" wide; taken by Lydia Nelson).
Painted photo collage.  (perhaps late 1970s?)


Florence Nelson and Jackie Freedman kid around.
                                                                                                Photo: Gil Nelson

Jackie Peller Freedman (right) and her sister Helen Peller Melnick lived across the backyard from my mother (Florence Laikind Nelson,  left)  in the 1920s and have been playmates and friends for life. The Laikind's two-family house at  8655 20th Ave, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, hosted the kids and their friends as they went to college, met to listen to new recordings, argued over history with Henry Bamford Parkes, and invited at least one of their professors to lecture them on literature.  Photo: after visiting Jackie's studio in early 1984,  my parents and Jackie went down to an avant garde "installation" in the same building, where my father took the picture above.  

Jacqueline Freedman, painter, in her studio, 1984    
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Jackie  in her studio, early 1984


Friends of Jackie are invited to contribute further works for display.  
You know you have Jackie photos somewhere -- find them!   Write to jerry-va at removethistext speakeasy.net or phone seven oh three 448 4543.  Photos of her paintings can be added even if they have a color cast, are too dark or are  not "square on".  To tell someone about this page, send them to
florencesart.notlong.com   where they will find links to Florence's artist friends, as well as Florence's own art.  
Jeremiah Nelson
Florence & Gil's son

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