Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Class of 1960

My Homeroom Class,  Freshman Year, 1957
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Frankfurt Army high school Freshman Class 1957 
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There were 7 homeroom classes in our Freshman year.  In those days, Frankfurt had about 130,000 to 140,000  Americans overall.   Kaiserslautern was larger -- 150,000.  The bigger base made them formidable in football.  

Back row:
1. Christopher Mabley
2. Patricia Moorman
3. Sarah Vaughn
4. Roswitha Salmela
5. Karen Cavalier
6. Laurie Johnson
7. Bonnie Greenwood
8. Max Clark

 9. Linda Lagasse
10. Susan Radl
11. Jerry Nelson
12.  Beverly West
13.  Mary Prager

14. George Szilvasy
15.  Peter Durocher or Des Rochers
16.  Bill Georgeson

This photo appears on page 128 of  the 1957 Yearbook, which is online

Other resources for alumni are  here.

We'll see what other photos come out of the attic.
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