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To stay in better touch with fellow overseas brats, there's secret organization called, er, Overseas Brats.  Membership in Joe Condrill's friendly organization includes a printed  newsletter.  

For an e-mail newsletter and the best roster of Frankfurt  alums for mostly 1954-1963, write to Jim Selander,   azselander  withforty-two in numerals after the name,  at qwest dot net   If you're one of us and not on his address list, it's time to come out of hiding.  

The Berlin Brats have an active Website and have put all our yearbooks online as scanned pdfs.  The resolution might not be fantastic, but, if it were, you could never download it, given how far the USA now lags the world in broadband capacities.

The "official" Website for Frankfurt American High School is
There are pages devoted to the 1950s, early 60s classes
and to buying and selling souvenirs:

If you have any good ground-level photos of the high school or the Idle Hour Theater, regardless of when taken, let's put them onto the Google maps.  You have to add geo-tag information to the file before uploading it.  

Graduating 8th Grade (Mrs. Louise Junk's class)
Graduating Freshmen in 1957  (high school)
The Significance of  IG Farben AG for Chemistry, Literature and Jews
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