McLean High School Class of 1960
50th Anniversary Class Reunion
Tysons Westpark Hotel, Tyson's Corner, VA
30 October 2010
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You don't go to reunions because you can't recognize anyone.
Do you think I can?  
Now your eyes are so bad you can't read the name tags either.
Tell me about it.
That's why I made the ultimate cheat sheet.  Here it is: photos of everyone who came, and everyone named.  

 Click either group photo to enlarge it.  If you want a print, do it from the enlargement.  The 2nd group shot is "clean" (no name labels).  
Jerry Nelson '60

McLean High School (VA) Class of 1960, 50th Reunion 2010 
Stop squinting.  You can click the photo to enlarge it.                    
Your Cheat Sheet is below.  Don't you want to try to guess more names before you cheat?

ClipArt - Don't be Sad

AA       April Adamson
AC       Alan Cole (& Carol)
AM      Anita Michael (our twin sisters)
AnC     Anne Crimmen    
AW      Art Whiting
BC       Beth Chiles
BE        Bob Everett
BK       Bobby Kiessling
BL        Bob Lowry
BiM      Bill Matheson
BO        Brian Obert
BrM      Bruce Marley
BR         Becky Rhodes
BS         Bernie Spector
CC        Carol Davis Cole (& Alan)
CCl        Clyde Clark
CD         Cora Dunn  (reminds some of
                        Emily Daly)
CM       Cline Mutersbaugh
CSS      Carolyn Snead (& Bob Stilling '59?)
DD        David Dodrill
DdP       Duke (Emile) dePlanque
DH        Danny Hall
DR        Dee Rudolph
DS        Dennis Swindler
                      (looks a bit like Scott Rogers
                      who didn't attend this time)
DaS       David Stanley
DSch     Dolores Schaffer
EB        Eleanor Beach
EBS      Emily Blessing (& Joe Sayers '57)
ED        Emily Daly 
EH        Elaine Hazleton
EK        Ellen Krueger
EvK       Evelyn  Kirby Schwab (& Joe)
EP         Elvis Presley
EY        Eddie Youngs
FEB      Fay Eakin Brumback
GC       Gail Christensen
GD       Gail Dronenburg
GL        George Libman
GP        Ginia Pinkerton
GP        Ginia Pinkerton
GV        George Vierck
HC        Hap Crater
HL         Hunter Lindsay
HS         Harvey Shelton

JA         John Armstrong
JE          Joanne Edens
JG         Jimmy Gaines
JGr        John Grant (thank you, Gayle)
JK         John Kalepp
JeM      Jean Martindale
JaN       Janet Naeher
JN         Jerry Nelson
JOH      James O. (Jim) Howard
JT          Jimmy Tobin
JeT        Jeb Stuart Taylor
JeW       Jeff Warner
JW         John Watson
JoW       John Waldo
KB         Kay Bonner
KS         Karen Schmidt
LM        Lynn Mechling 
LO         Lloyd Olson
MD        Mickey Dye
MM       Mary Mabbitt
MMo      Mike Mote
MRs        Margaret (Maggie) Ross
MR         Margaret Rodeffer
MT         Malinda Teel
MV         Mary Veach
NAE       Nancy Ames Everly
NH         Nancy Hahn Vaughn
NM        Norma Michael (our twin sisters)
PH          Phil Hunter (not Russell Buckley !)
ReB        Rae Brantley
RiB         Richard Bowers
RK         Richard Knoblaugh
RKo       Ron Kosciusko
RR         Randy Robey
RS         Robert "Bobbie" Sims
SaE        Sally Eadie didn't come this time,
                       is missed.  
SyE       Sydney Erb
SM       Sarah Martin
SuM      Susan Miller (reminds some of
              Joan Ferguson, who missed this one)
SR         Sally Rosenberger
SW       Sandy Wilbur
TS         Tip Sweet
TY        Tim (Nicholas) Yaworski
VP        Vince Pugh

John Lieurance tries to photograph the 50th Reunion of Mclean HS Class of 1960

Hey, John Lieurance, you're supposed to be in the photo, not taking it !!

McLean High Class of 1960's 50th Reunion group shot.   

write down as many names as you can
for this photo.
(Click to enlarge it.)
Photo: JoAnne Lindsay.
Digital enhancement & upload: Hunter Lindsay.

Ron Kosciusko and Russell Buckley 2005

Below are other naughty classmates who skipped out on the group photo and now get rewarded with individual mug shots.  

Ron Kosciusko and Russell Buckley mixed and met everyone, but were Absent Without Leave from the group photo.  (Ronnie was seen on the balcony, behind a pillar.)   Here they are (right), conspiring together five years ago.  

     Steve Smith and Emily Blessing or Ellen Krueger  

Steve Smith  with  Emily Blessing (left).  
 (click photo for alternate)Sue DeLong

Nobody ever spotted that  strikingly colored blue dress Sue DeLong is wearing.  

Jackie VanDoren  
Judy Sorber, Margie & Bill Matheson Jackie Van Doren (left) and Judy Sorber with Bill and Margie Matheson.   This was Bill's first reunion ever -- he deserves a photo.


David Stanley & Jerry Nelson

The 50th was also his first high school reunion for
David Stanley, right, standing with your Webmaster
and faithful photographer, Jerry Nelson.

David and I claim we are the only ones from our class
to make it into Time Magazine, and we're holding the
Time page from 23 May 1960 to prove it.
Any challengers?

Don Thornett, you came, send us a photo of yourself.  

Below is the group shot without labels; enlarge it and make yourself a print.  

McLean High School (VA) Class of 1960, 50th Reunion 2010 

Click to enlarge, print the enlargement. Is the size OK?

Composite image and digital enhancement: Jerry Nelson
Original photography: Dan Gibson
Inquiries for the Class Directory 2010:  Faybrumback atsign aol dot com
The Directory offers address, phone & e-mail for everyone Fay and her volunteers could track down, but the real fun comes from the bios, now retyped and easier to read than photocopies of everyone's handwriting, as in years past.  
23 pp. $10 -- if there's enough demand, we can reprint it for you.  

"Life has been very satisfying to me.  McLean's wonderful teachers gave me a good foundation for university in spite of my lack of effort at the time.  IBM turned me into a professional.  My wonderful wife has loved me more than I deserved, and my two children never cease to bring joy to me.  My grand daughter has taught me much.  Living overseas and traveling around the world several times has expanded my view of life.  Excellent health allows me to continue to ski ... and travel.  'Thank you' to all of those who saw potential in me when I was unable to see it myself."

That bio and a hundred or so more.  No two lives the same.  

Nobody creates any directories, events or facilities for us.  We are the community.
People who have pitched in are listed here.

The big group shot photograph is a fraud.  Nobody paid attention, people chatted.  Jean Martindale made Dan Gibson bring his camera, and he took 19 photographs.  If I caught you looking up with a smile on any one of them, I got you.  Heads were separated from bodies, faces switched -- it was terrible.  Now here we all are, as if nothing happened.  I did not have this technology in 1958,9,60, so you can still trust the photos in our newspaper done for Emily Horn, and the dozens in our yearbook I did with Beth Chiles.  
Jerry Nelson '60
Corrections to jerry-VA at removethistext speakeasy dot net

Lynn Mechling, McLean High School Class of 1960; October 2010
Lynn Mechling
26Nov1942 - 21Feb2011   

Men left/right: Joe Sayers '57 (& Emily Blessing '60); Danny Hall '60;
Lynn's "pony tail" is Emily Blessing.  
I love the geometry of the composition, and, you can't beat the smile.
Photo: Margaret Rodeffer Winesett

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This photo is a fraud - how the group shot was made.
The community is us - volunteers who made reunions happen.
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Acknowledgement: Robin and I were overseas many years.  I couldn't recognize anyone, and how could I expect her to?  Yes, I guess I did this naming marathon for myself.  But I did it with help and friendship from Carol Davis Cole, Fay Eakin Brumback, Susan Miller Hall, Hunter Lindsay, and above all the people memory of a people person, Margaret Rodeffer Winesett.  Thank you.  It's nice to be home.  

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