May 2018
After the Valentine's Day killings at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School,
I put three gun control essays on the NERDYLORRIN website.

3. Class Structure and Economic Injustice in the United States - Why Are so Many Adults so Angry &Selfish?    

Dear high school kids working for gun control,
After I take you through the banking crisis of 2008, your sense of humor will be restored, and nothing the adults can throw at you will be surprising.  This is for gun control kids who need to know what's coming, and for their Trumped parents who can't figure out what happened.

        2. Photos & Signs -- and a new Anti-Patriarchy Sentiment at the March for Our Lives, WashingtonDC 24Mar2018    

          1. Pushing more guns as the country's solution to gun violence is abusive.  Political opposition groups.

McLean, Virginia,  24May2018
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