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The March for Science
  Washington, DC

   Saturday, 22 April 2017
Jerry Nelson

22 April 2017 March for Science crowds at Capitol
The March for Science ended at the Capitol, where the Tax March and  Climate Marches begin.

   On the stairs of the US Capitol at the end of the first March for Science.

Sand-filled dump trucks block terrorist attack on pedestrians at March for Science, 22Apr2017

  22 April 2017 March for Science: Keep your tiny hands off my beakers

Nixon created the EPA in 1970.     March for Science: No Planet B.   


March for Science: I am a leukemia survivor.   Ebola, Zika, Human Immunodificiency Virus -- quit now or cure them?  

No Science? No phone, no internet, no future. 

Trump uses hair spray.

Yup, he's an engineer, and here's the other side of his sign.

Trump sign: Diaper Full!!     Solar power from science.        

Albert Einstein was a refugee.

E equals M c-squared is perhaps the world's most famous equation.  It comes from Albert Einstein, who was a refugee admitted by the United States.

Mass and energy are equivalent.  Splitting the atom produces pieces whose mass doesn't add up.  The missing mass has been converted into energy, the energy of atom bombs and nuclear power plants.  The energy is equal to the missing mass times the speed of light squared.  (Mass is in kilograms, speed of light in meters/second, energy in Joules.)

Albert Einstein was visiting the United States when Adolf Hitler persuaded lesser men to hand him a dictatorship in 1933. Being Jewish, Albert Einstein would be damned if he'd return home, and became a US citizen instead (1940).  Einstein alerted President Franklin Roosevelt that is was theoretically possible to create a bomb based on atomic energy:  the atomic bomb.  Einstein's 2 August 1939 letter got to FDR on 11 October 1939.  Physicist Enrico Fermi immediately got a $6,000 grant to expand his work on neutron chain reactions.  Fermi got  the world's first nuclear reactor going (a sustained neutron chain reaction) by December 1942, but the Manhattan Project proved to be a lot more expensive (about two billion in 1945 dollars). 

I like plastic-coated paper clips, the colors are so cheerful.  Converting two of them (1 gm) to pure energy releases the power of the Nagasaki A-bomb, about 20,000 tons (20 "kilotons") of TNT, the stuff Alfred Nobel sold to raise money for the Nobel Prize.
It is said that Hitler crippled German physics and lost any chance of achieving nuclear weapons by driving Jewish scientists such as Lise Meitner (girl power!) and Albert Einstein out of the country.  As a faculty member in a German physics department, I heard an older German physicist deny that wartime Germany had any  interest or projects in atomic weapons anyway.  This is a lie, but perhaps it made him feel better.

Mitch McConnel (R, KY) creates a new feminist meme.

Science March stage.

March for Science had 240 sponsors.

March for Science: The Dinosaurs Didn't See it Coming, they were not stupid.  On the other hand . . .

22 April 2017 March for Science: Science faces the facts and politicians cannot.

The square root of a minus number is imaginary.

The wealth and geopolitcal power of the United States is driven by science, scientific technologies, and technology-based companies and weapons systems.  Science has been a pillar of our civilization.  A civilization that attacks the pillars of its greatness is a civilization on the way down. 

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