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You can't reach top quality without working one-on-one with a talented craftsman.  But once you have a stunning image that others would enjoy, you can turn to commercial services to copy it, share it across the family, insure its survival.  


Kinkos and FedEx have merged to make "FedEx Office".    You can find one near you  
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All stores have excellent plain-paper color copying (about $1/sheet) from my prints, and most have large-format poster printing from my files on  CD.  
At this time,  I am printing large panoramas on multiple sheets, and the seams are visible  under harsh lighting.  Commercial poster-size prints on single sheets are around $100 (expect prices of $15  per square foot).  All those  "just a little" changes (just a little brighter here, darker there) are up to you to do before you leave home (the printing services just print).

Wonderful.   So h
ow do I find the images worth saving?   Answer: sink time into it.   I can only promise you that scanning reduces the bulk of stuff you need to save, and it runs the risk of losing everything,  but if you insist, here you go:


Scanning many slides can be done by beginners advertising on eBay at 8 cents/slide.  I can only imagine using such services to get positive images of color negatives so that I could  look through them quickly ("read" them) to identify what I want.   Once the quick and dirty positives lead you to truly desirable images, you will have to rescan with a better service.  Costco and Wal-Mart will scan to disk for under 30 cents/image.  So fifteen 24-exposure rolls cost $100.  To find other services, go to eBay or Google and search on "photo scan to CD".

Here are two services that try harder to please:

1. Canaan Technologies

Slides and prints are first scanned, then cleaned, sharpened, and color corrected. CD might be in JPG, GIF, BMP formats -- your selection.
$0.99 each slide or photo scanned.  Prints: $0.99 for 4x6"
Canaan Technologies
991 Highway 22 West
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

One slide at 2000 dpi is 1800 x 2600 pix for 4.68 Mpix.
They compress to about 3MB jpeg, you get about 216 sides/CD max.
Don't throw away the originals -- this poor resolution is "just for a peek" on a search-and-find mission.  Canaan Media does many weird audio and video formats, not just slides.  

Contents book too:
Ask if you can get a printed Thumbnail Album with your order that will show you all of the images on your disc or discs along with their file names and disc number.  The Thumbnail Album makes it easier to find just the images you're looking for.  Not available?  Go to Dig My Pics.  

2. Dig My Pics

 DigMyPics! pricing includes rotating, Image Color and Exposure Correction and their  free software.  This viewing program on each disk could get in your way when you just want to copy one particular file onto a CD or thumbdrive to take away and work on.  

$0.39/slide at 2500 dpi (add 10 cents for 3200 dpi).  If you get 3200 dpi, you can throw the slides away, provided several children have copies of the same disks.  
You do not need 4000 dpi (add 30 cents) except for exceptionally fine-grained film perfectly shot with a German camera, or a Japanese lens known to be legendary.

$0.02/slide additional for thumbnails (recommended); thumbnails enlarged from  30/page to 12/page: double the price.  

701 North Golden Key Street
Gilbert, AZ  85233

(480) 422-9707
(866) 364-5952  toll free
Fax:  (480) 422-9708

I hate to spoil the party, but:

Scanning by itself solves nothing.  A pile of optical disks that require complex technology to view is no more accessible than a pile of slides that require a projector.  Please read my
Strategy of Attack:  How to Deal with the Family Photo Collection". 


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