Jerry Nelson
McLean, VA

In a top-level ("miracle") restoration, missing areas of damaged prints can be recreated, people can be combined from multiple prints, backgrounds can be changed and objects removed (which entails re-creating the occluded part of the scene).  Anything that will require many hours of computer time is quoted in this category  on an individual basis that is realistic for both of us.

Viet Namese family, Hue, 1922   Vietnamese family, Hue, 1922

In a family garden, Hue, Vietnam, 1922.  This customer was from a family whose patriarch had been elevated to nobility by the French, but later had to flee the Communists under the Americans.  The customer  wanted to save their few surviving photos.  The gelatin layer with the reduced-silver image was flaking off the cardboard.  

 Pan1   Pan2   Pan3
Multiple shots can sometimes be combined even if a panorama was not intended.

Seattle street, original  Seattle street, European style

I know I've done a good job cleaning up the resulting panorama, because most people don't notice the difference !

        Nettie & David, composite

There were no other photos of this couple, and neither of the originals available  was a good photo.  However, restored and  combined, they make a good statement.  The man and his father were victims of the Great Flu Pandemic of 1918.    


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