Jerry Nelson
McLean, VA

PAN House in the trees

This person was moving to Colorado, and wanted a photo
that would capture the feeling of an East Coast home-in-the-woods.
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PAN American Museum of Women in the Arts
The National Museum of Women in the Arts, a converted Masonic Temple

We typically think of indoor panoramas for "architectural" shots.  
The picture is formal and a lot of equpment is dragged into the empty  building to make it.  
 But these panoramas can be shot with no equipment and available light.
In fact, they can be shot at the next party in your home.  

PAN Sun room party.

Panoramic shots of a home during a social event are not a problem,
as long as we are not having  a darkened, candle-lit dinner.
Here, all four walls are visible -- almost a 360 deg view.
There is the problem of identical twins, however.
Since many photos are taken over a span of time to make the final scene,
I have had guests walking around and putting two of themselves into the picture ( ! )

No pan -- ordinary shot of lvg rm.

Here is an ordinary snapshot of a living room in a fairly ordinary split-level home of the late 1950s.
It is a wide-angle shot (23 mm, pretty good),
but wide-angles and panoramas are two different worlds.
This is my parent's home, and I was with them there for a birthday party.
I sat on the same couch and took the next  panoramic photo.

PAN Living Room
The interior space of a computer-syntheized panorama is not reality.
It is a very special space,
akin to what you might imagine with your eyes closed.
 Turn your head, move your eyes, and take in the entire world around you.
Then close your eyes and imagine
the space in which you are standing.  
The space of the computer-synthesized panorama is close to the
perceived space of the mind,
not the simple sensation of the eye.

The Madeira School of McLean - Main Building living room
The Madeira School of Mclean.  The living room in Main.

Moving day - Lila Sanger

How can we ever forget moving day?


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