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    BodyRemovalStBernardParish   DogCantGoWCorpseStBernardParish 
Two photos of from St. Bernard Parish ca 9 Sept.  (left) Dog at curb cannot go with corpse. 

 Corpse at entrance2CityPark+BayouSt.JohnSat10Sept   
Corpse removal at entrance to City Part and Bayou Saint John, Saturday, 10 Sept.
Most bodies were not retrieved until the following week, when waters receded.
Photography of body retrieval will be forbidden. 
Some died at the Superdome, other bodies littered Interstate 10, and the stairwells of hospitals whose lower-floor mortuaries were flooded.

"We saw people seizing because of total electrolyte imbalance from nothing to drink, nothing to eat and being out in the hot sun.  ... The sadness of some of the stuff we have seen here is overwhelming.  You see these people with little children, barefoot and holding all the tings they own folded over in a sheet, people who have no idea where they're going or what their future is.... [loss of composure]"
-- Erik Larsen, emergency physician from White Plains, NY;
Larsen was one of the leaders of a field hospital set up on parking lots at 
Louis Armstrong International Airport to stabilize evacuees on the way out.


Advanced civilizations are fragile because of increasing interdependence ("I can't do my job unless you do yours.") and specialization -- people do not have the tools, knowledge and experience to construct, repair, improvise or accomplish very much.

New to me is the immediate collapse of life-support -- much of the population is on drugs.  At the New Orleans airport field hospital, staff witnessed the predictable effects of halting the daily treatment of chronic disease and aggravating the underlying illness with stress and environmental breakdown.  The result is crowds of people with out-of-control blood pressure, diabetes or seizures, and lesser numbers with mental illness and behavioral problems, with worsening Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis.   These problems that are now  built into the population come out as soon as the infrastructure is removed.  Medical collapse of the medicated segment of the population is assured, even  before the disaster adds anything new (mold, infections, asthma, contagious disease from nature or bioweapons, lung silicosis, radiation).

Because a civilization becomes more fragile as it advances, the need for effective government increases as society advances.  This seems to contradict the assertion that people should take back the taxes paid to those who form their government "because it's your money". 

It will become popular knowledge in the first half of this century that all civilizations extinguish themselves.  The survey for extra-terrestrial intelligence will find none, while extra-solar planetary science will establish that the percentage of habitable worlds is knowable and high.  The only logical conclusion is that we are looking at the wrong time.  The civilizations - theirs and ours --  came and went too briefly to find each other.

If you bloat, you float.

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Rooftop Rescues begun
Rooftop Rescues 2 - helicopters grounded
Rooftop Rescues 3 - foreign aid offers      
Superdome in New Orleans          
Astrodome in Houston

Water recedes   
(Water recedes, cont'd -- corpses -- you are here, alas)
politics  -- Katrina: a Category 5 storm approaches Category 3 levees, nobody evacuates.  
Another photoessay:  9/11  
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