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New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina
Landfall: Monday, 29 Aug 2005 5AM
First big food, water and rescue presence judging by photo dates:
Friday, 2 September

Rev 12Sept05
Superdome arial shot 31Aug05
 31Aug showing damaged roof

Superdome crowds at street level  Fri2Sept1stArmyReliefSuppliesArrive   

Based on the photo datelines I see,
the first organized military relief came to New Orleans' Superdome on Friday, 2 Sept 2005.

(left) Saturday, 3 Sept -- more trash and more waiting to get out of New Orleans' Superdome. 
Sunlight pierces the wind-damaged roof, right.


  Waiting for evacuation at the Superdome.

"The President said an hour ago that the Gulf Coast looks like
it has been obliterated by a weapon. It has. 
Indifference is a weapon of mass destruction."
--Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Congressman
if his House of Representatives Website is broken again, try this


The wait for evacuation at the Superdome is over for these two corpses.

"This, friends, is why we need to pay attention to government policies,
not political personalities, and to know whereon we vote. It is about our lives."
--Why New Orleans is in Deep Water
by Molly Ivins

When no help arrived, people were told to leave the Superdome by foot and go north to higher ground on Interstate 10.  Or perhaps people in the Superdome decided by themselves to leave.  Or perhaps it was people from the Convention Center, who were ignored completely for days.   People were told that buses would come down the I-10 highway to get them, or perhaps they were not told.  Police blocked their exit from the concrete highway ramps out of fear northern suburbs would be looted, or perhaps they did not.  I cannot tell you.  I can only show you pictures of the corpses.

Corpses litter Interstate 10 in Louisiana.

CorpseSprayPaintSaysTrashBagIsBodyInterstate10-9Sept   CorpseInBodyBagUnderInterstate10Overpass10Sept05  

(left) I-10 9 September.  The red spray paint arrow signifies that the trash in the trash bag is a human body.
(right)  I-10 10 Sept. Corpse in body bag on overpass. 


I-10  9 September.  Blue quilt covers corpse under overpass.


Happier times, 1996.

NewOrleansSuperdome -10Sept05
New Orleans Superdome, 10Sept05, Day 13.
 INTRO  & initial impact
INTRO cont'd
Rooftop Rescues begun
Rooftop Rescues 2 - helicopters grounded
Rooftop Rescues 3 - foreign aid offers      
(Superdome in New Orleans -- you are here)         
Astrodome in Houston

Water recedes   
Water recedes, cont'd -- corpses
politics  -- Katrina: a Category 5 storm approaches Category 3 levees, nobody evacuates.  
Another photoessay:  9/11  
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