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Hurricane Katrina Recedes

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Revised 12 Sept 05; 22Aug06

SunsetGentillyTerraceNeighborhoodNewOrleans 5Sept            SearchHouse2HouseByDEA10Sept05   
(left) Gentilly Terrace New Orleans 5 Sept  and (right) the Drug Enforcement Agency in house-by-house searches to find and help survivors, 10 Sept 05

St Bernard, LA 10 Sept  OrleansAve in the city 9 Sept                 
St Bernard, LA 10 Sept (left) and  Orleans Ave in the city, 9 September  (right)

BiloxiMShouse-RoslynGreen+sisterKiara              GorenfloElemSchoolGulfportMS9Sept

Clean up the bedroom, clean up the school. 
(left)   Roslyn Green & her sister Kiara get started in Biloxi, MS. (right) Gorenflo Elementary School, Gulfport MS on Friday, 9 September.

RevDavidHarrisNewLifeChurchCummingGAhellpsPaulMinzeyTidyHisHouseGulportMS-10Sep    WheelbarrowOutTheDebrisInSlidellLA9Sep

Clean up the living room, clean out the garage.
(left) The Reverend David Harris (New Life Church, Cumming, Georgia)  helps Paul Minzey tidy the house in Gulfport, Mississippi, 10 Sept.  (right) Wheelbarrowing out the debris in Slidell, Louisiana, 9 September 2005.


FindFotoOfDad-SlidellLAJohnnyDoll9Sept    KiaraGreen-BiloxiPhotoOfCousinRaikeneEdwardsHe+MotherMissing
(left) Johnny Doll finds the photo of Dad, Slidell, Louisiana, 9 September.  (right)  At her home in Biloxi, MS, Kiara Green finds the photo of her cousin Raikene Edwards.  Raikene and his mother are still both missing.  

Are your key photos stored on a PC?  Is the computer backed up in a different geographical location?  Consider using a commercial service that you access over the Web.  Alas, until the USA gets the bandwidth that South Koreans already have today, you won't be able to move your entire collection to safety. 

Cumpled, white HouseLakePonchartrainSlidellLA9Sept     Looking for cellphone signal in BaySaintLouisMS-UnderTree8Sept
(left) Crumpled, white house at Lake Ponchartrain, Slidell, Louisiana, 9 Sept. (right) Looking for a cellphone signal in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, Thursday, 8 September. 
  House peaked against sky, LakePonchartrainSlidellLA9Sept     DeliveringTheMail-WendellPruittPresidentNatlAssocLettersCarriersBiloxi10Sept
(left) Lake Ponchartrain shore in Slidell, Louisiana, 9 September.  (right) A photo suggesting on-going mail delivery in Biloxi, Mississippi, 10 September.    

BoatsPiledUpOnLakePonchartrain9Sept     CarsInParkingLotStBernardParish10Sept   SlogThruMudChalmetteLA9Sept

(left) Boats piled up on Lake Ponchartrain's shores, 9 September.  (center)  Parking lot, St. Bernard Parish, 10 September.   (right)  Deep tracks in thick ooze on the way to check out the next house in Chalmette, Louisiana, 9 September.


National Guardsman Paul Meira, Port Sulphr, LA


Bloated corpse still floating on 10 Sept.
No more photos like this will be permitted once the work of gathering and stacking the bodies begins.
I have heard the first reports of ripped film and smashed cameras. 

 INTRO  & initial impact
INTRO cont'd
Rooftop Rescues begun
Rooftop Rescues 2 - helicopters grounded
Rooftop Rescues 3 - foreign aid offers      
Superdome in New Orleans          
Astrodome in Houston

(Water recedes  -- you are here)  
Water recedes, cont'd -- corpses
politics  -- Katrina: a  Category 5 storm approaches Category 3 levees, nobody evacuates.  
Another photoessay:  9/11  
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