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Landfall in New Orleans Monday, 29 August 2005, 5am
Refuge for some at last at the Houston Astrodome next weekend.

16,000 at the peak.

Astrodome 3 Sept 05, mother sep from husband and son     
(left) Mother separated from husband and son, Saturday, 3 Sept. .

Sort the clothes, sort every shoe -- volunteers at work.

INTRO  & initial impact
INTRO cont'd
Rooftop Rescues begun
Rooftop Rescues 2 - helicopters grounded
Rooftop Rescues 3 - foreign aid offers      
Superdome in New Orleans          
(Astrodome in Houston -- you are here)

Water recedes   
Water recedes, cont'd -- corpses
politics  -- Katrina: a Category 5 storm approaches Category 3 levees, nobody evacuates.  
Another photoessay:  9/11
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